3 Ways To build Your Strength

Hello Beautiful !

Sometimes there are days that can come along to really test and try you. We want to lose it and just let what ever happens happen. Or we try to control the outcome! But i’m here to share with with you how to change the outcome of that mindset. You need to shake up the spirit of BOUNCING BACK!

Don’t let adversities in life keep you from finding the strength with in. I said it before. Everything you need is already inside of you. You just have to dig deep, but she’s in there.

Lets start with A mental work out. Thats essential to jumpstarting your well being. Our weekly Mindset makeovers are important, they help us reset our thoughts and redirect our energy and focus to create the lives we desire.

What are your thoughts at the beginning of your day? How you start your day is as important as how you will end it.

Visualizing how you want your day to be is essential.


Visualizing how you want your day to be is essential.

Speaking to that visualization helps to give it life. Using words of affirmation. Make that part of the beginning of your day. Grab your journal! Add this to your new list of affirmations.

– Today is Your Day and it is filled with endless possibilities.

-Today will be even better than yesterday.

-You are an amazing breath of light.

-Y-O-U get to choose who you become!

-You are divinely blessed with the gift to change any and all things in your life.

-You are worthy of all things wonderful.

-You are here to learn and grow every single day.

Make speaking life to your situations a positive part of your day.


Separate yourself from people, situations, and things that don’t add to your life or no longer serve you.

Stop lending your energy to things that drain you. That make you second guess who you are, make you question your moral compass. Its ok not to show up for things that don’t grow you, challenge you or make you feel better about yourself. Choose Y-O-U! Its ok to be selfish when it comes to your well being. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally, you always treat yourself better than anyone else can. You don’t need anyone’s permission to love yourself.


Do one small thing that challenges you everyday!

That adds to how you build inner strength. No one knows at first that its a challenge for you until you share it. Think about all of those possibilities that you have in front of you that you have to choose from. Start thinking of what it would take to change directions and explore one of those possibilities.

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