Who are We and whats this all about

LBC is a digital platform with the mission to motivate, inspire and empower Hair Stylists, Independent Stylists, Owners, Femprenuers, Salon Studio Owners, Aspiring Stylists and to take action on their inspired thoughts, hopes and dreams grow the most phenomenal businesses.

I whole heartedly believe in following that innate deep down desire to do the things you are inspired to do. The things that you love to do. You desire to work smarter and create a career that works for you and not you working for it. If you have that gift for making women beautiful, you should be able to scale that gift and let it make room for you. But it takes more than just talent! You have to master the art of building relationships, creating a Professional Brand, Mastering Marketing, Creating Structure and a Professional Presence that speaks for you.

However, sometimes we struggle with where to start?


How do we even get into focus to start comprehending that we desire to have a successful business and what steps do I take to get there?

Have you ever experienced...


Being in business for yourself is honestly a journey. Cultivating your dreams and turning them into reality is a myriad of emotions. You never know what to expect next. But keeping your enthusiasm and love for what you desire helps you to stay connected to why you started on this journey in the first place.

We get so caught up in our day to day distractions, trying to take care of everything, trying to make a living, that we forget to live. We forget that we have the grace to find the time to get centered, grounded, focused on our dreams and goals, to get well versed into learning, being enlightened about what it is we truly want to do.

Those things You’ve always wanted to do, You should do them! -Unknown



I’m a Successful Owner of an Amazing Salon, I’m a Transformative Business Coach, Consultant, Strategist and Mentor for Business and Personal Growth.

I created this platform for Established and Aspiring Independent new Stylists including Beauty Pros, Creatives, Lady and Girl Bosses and Small Business owners. I’m here to help you design and cultivate a successful thriving business to help support the life you want!

How I Got Started!

I am a Native of Washington DC, born and raised. I studied Cosmetology while I was In High School 89-91 and graduated top 10% of my class. I’ve always loved making women beautiful, I started out in my kitchen at age 13! I wasn’t able to become official until high school and received my Students License to practice hair. After I completed my courses I became a Licensed Stylist after high school in 91 and continued my extended courses of study and advance classes in the science of hair.

I also became well versed in cultivating relationships with my clients.

I made the decision to relocate to the Northern VA area 18 years ago at the suggestion of a client of mine! She told me it wasn’t enough great stylists out there and she was correct! D.C was already so saturated with stylists, who were all known to be amazing for the most part, so I decided I wanted to try something new, and So I bought my expertise and following out here- and set up shop! And a whole new following ensued. I started working to build a whole new base. And I realized in that, the clients were all going to DC and MD for their styling needs because they weren’t finding what they needed at home. I’ve heard so many reasons as to why they were going out of their way, to find beauty services, that I was amazed. It was the simplest I found that would or should be common sense in a lot of ways. But it wasn’t. 

As I listened intently to each client , the several familiar things they all had in common, were:

  • Stylists overbooking, Not being present with their clients.  
  • Not listening to their needs or concerns- Not truly being invested in the health of the hair. Just the outcome.
  • Lackluster experiences. Lack of respect for time or money. Overcharging and Underwhelming.
I experienced years of listening and becoming informed and educated by these clients and in turn I was also being trained. Little did I know at the time, that those negative experiences they were having elsewhere, would prosper me and my business in so many ways. It made me a better stylist to my clients. I learned what not to do from them. All of those years, of cultivating, building and growing my clients, organically by word of mouth. Before social media was even a thing, paid off. In a major way. I was able to after so many years, of competitions and hairs shows, continuing education, all were wonderful to do, but my true love was just being behind the chair, meeting clients and giving them a wonderful experience one hairstyle at a time.
It has and always will be my mission. In that, Ive found myself sharing how I’ve attained success, with this business model, and starting coaching other stylists on how to do it as well.

I would like to see business done with integrity again.
Somewhere it got lost , with everyone wanting to become insta famous. I would like to see us lead with authenticity. Serving from our core. Building authentic relationships. That is when and only then you will see the success you truly desire to see. We are in the Business of Beauty. We provide a Service. Of which people depend on. The income you want to see, the growth and scale of your business. They are looking to you to serve. Give them a remarkable experience. Clients are willing to pay for that, and return for more and share their experience of you. That’s what they expect from you every time they choose you. They could have went anywhere else. But they chose you! So giving them value in their experience with you is important. But the value is determined by you. By upleveling your business. You will see the increase you desire to have.

I’m here to show you how to do just that.

Join us. 

Make the best decision you’ve ever made, and start living the life of your dreams!

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