Be Summer Free

Its been a moment since I’ve had time to sit and get my thoughts on the screen, but I haven’t forgot about You! I’ve been busy, summer is a very crazy time for me, with clients and juggling family and trying to create work life balance.

I somehow seem to make it all work.

In the midst of it all. I step away from the chair sometimes just to re-calibrate and return to my clients fresh and ready to give them everything they come to expect and pay for. When You have an extensive clientele list, you have to work out a way to give your absolute best, and sometimes that requires stepping away so you can come back ready.

I see so many stylists at times that overbook and underwhelm their clients because they don’t properly manage their time. They fail to have compassionate boundaries so that they can keep a decent amount of work life balance involvement. I pretty much have a system that keeps me sane and focused so that I’m not all over the place. Because I don’t have a physical assistant, I have a digital assistant instead.

It takes my appointments, keeps my book, runs my numbers, keeps my clients formulas everything that I would probably have to pay someone else to do. I opted for an all in one system that does it for me. I’ve opted for uninterrupted time with my clients because I’m in a salon studio, and that works for me. When i’m with clients, I don’t answer the phone unless I’m on a break and client free. I forward all calls to my booking system, and if clients take the time to explore the site, every question they probably would ask me, could be answered by the site. I put that much time into it so that I would not be subject to incessant calls all the time. And if it was really of a deep serious nature, I always push for a consultation. Come in and chat with me. I love to meet new clients, just at the right time, not while I’m over a clients head with hot or sharp tools in my hand. Im an advocate for getting to know the person who will potentially touching your body? I think thats worthy of a conversation, don’t you? A lot of clients aren’t familiar with that and I find myself offering that all the time. We need to get back to that, and not just hopping into the first chair that opens and not taking the time to know someone who could possibly change your life for good or worse. You should shop around, compare. See if a stylist checks all your boxes, do you have a list? Do you know what you want and what you are looking for in a stylist? YOU SHOULD. It could change you total experience in the chair if you did your due diligence first. That would save a lot of anxiety and heartache.
Stylist shopping is like going on a blind date. IN A LOT OF WAYS . Think about that for a moment. This is why a preliminary meet is never a bad idea. In the days of technology, being a persons eyes and ears, you can find out everything about a person these days online. If they are good and established, she’s most likely public with her business. You will have a birds eye view into what potentially could be a great experience!
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