Happy March!

As the Sun moves closer to the Earth, the temperatures are starting to be more kinder, I cant help but notice new names are showing up in my client list.

Clients I haven’t seen in a while are starting to descend upon me as well too. It is becoming a very warm and welcoming experience.

I feel like I’m being thought of. Selected. Its nice to be chosen. Its intentional. I took the time to just reflect on that for a moment. It makes me ask myself, a few pivotal questions.


What is my professional image saying about me? Is it saying what I want it say.

All of these things I want to continuously stay conscious of because it is related to the foundation of my business.

Being of Service. Serving my client is always at the core of everything thing I do. I give my absolute best. I don’t deviate. I don’t discount. i don’t devalue my brand. That’s just it. I value my service. I just focus on showing up for each of my clients and I’m laser focused on what their needs are and I aim to meet their needs. That’s what I want to be known for. My authentic approach to being a trusted partner in there hair journey. Giving them value for what they spend with me.

To give them the look they want while keeping them in the healthiest regimen possible. Keeping it realistic and making sure it keeps up with what their reality is, and that they become more educated about their own hair. Teaching them along the way how to upkeep and maintain doesn’t take away from you. It helps them, help you to keep them in a healthy position, It empowers them. They benefit from the outcome, and you’re seen as a trusted partner when it comes to their needs and that is something that is invaluable. Clients pay well when you show the ability to be a trusted advisor. A partner. Stay in your lane and do what you do the best. Be the expert. I attract clients who are looking for a person that’s the expert in their field.

With this new season approaching, make it a daily habit of investing time into each client. And really making their time with you feel validated. Be prepared to see them when they come thru the door. If they are new, Look them in the eye, welcome them and say their name. Remember, you’re the hostess, Be hospitable and let them feel how much you are grateful for them choosing you to spend their money with. Listen and make them feel valued. Everyone wants to feel validated. Earn the money you are charging. Justify the experience they are about to have with you by standing behind your brand. Remember why you started. Sometimes we forget, that’s normal. But we have to come back to it and remember, The reason why clients choose us! And that we meet those expectations. I try to be conscious of giving them what they do not get elsewhere. It keeps them coming back. And happy to pay for what they get.

It makes a difference and your bottom line will thank you. And when those winter months come, as they always do after the holidays , it gets quiet and the winter slumber looks inviting, the results of your good works and business acumen will help keep you going until spring meets you again!

Until next time!

Month of exploring LOVE

I wanted to spend the month of February exploring LOVE ! In all aspects. Its the perfect time to get reaccquainted with the most important love of your life! YOU. So lets dive right into it.

Love yourself enough to buy yourself roses, Don’t’ ever wait for anyone else to do it.

In my focus to concentrate on creating more love for myself in my life, I’ve done a great deal to show my body, my mind and spirit that I love the very essence of me.

I’ve worked on upgrading my image, I’ve purged things out of my space, I didn’t realize I no longer had need for. focusing on being more social, I’ve been making healthier choices, moving my body, treating myself as if I’m the most important person in my life.

Because I am!

I am the person I spend the most time with, 24/7 to be exact.
I am the person I listen to the most, 24/7 again.

I am my worst critic, Judge and jury…



It’s never easy after years and years of giving energy to things that don’t serve you to your highest good.
However, you deserve the chance to connect very intimately with the very best version of you. Start with telling yourself how much you love you! buy yourself your favorite flowers, treat yourself to your favorite things!.

Next, take actionable steps every day towards loving on you more! For your mental and spiritual health and well being. Step back, take time for you. Breathe. Focus on your needs first. You cant be anything to anyone else until you know who you are first. Business and personal.

If you have love ones who depend on you, then definitely express self love. Because you must teach others how to treat you. Start with loving yourself.

You are worth all the love you will ever need. Shown to you, by you. Then watch those around you move into loving you the way you deserve to be loved.

Until next time!

The Exceptional Service Experience

We spoke a couple of weeks about this very topic. Ive noticed that a lot of my sister stylists seem to have the very same thing in common with each other a lot of times. They struggle with being able to price their services for what they feel they deserve. This topic is very two fold in nature, Realizing that if you want to be paid what you feel you deserve, Clients are going to want more than satisfactory results. You will have to serve them an exceptional experience.

The Beauty Business has evolved so much, Everyone is in on this multi billion dollar industry. Gone are the days of just walking in and being able to get a shampoo, trim and style for 40 bucks! Or sitting in a traditional salon for hours that was equivalent to full day of work. Now with Real Estate Developers are getting in on our industry and creating boutique salon units that stylists and anyone in the beauty industry can use to build and grow their own individualized brand.

They are becoming more and more popular for those who want to come out from under the umbrella of larger salons , sharing their hard earned profits , working twice as hard for less money.

Someone started thinking that this industry could use an amazing shift in how the game is played. Leading to the birth of Salon Suites Allowing Stylists their own platform to display their creativity like never before. On their own time, their own terms and at their very own price points! And they were willing to take the leap for their Star to shine!

This concept though, isn’t for the faint of heart. Because even though, Salon Suites have been around for over 20 years, The debut of Social Media wasn’t! And the combination of them toppled with the power of the internet, has created a whole new way of doing business, and if you want to be that Cream of the Crop, you better deliver! Because now with the growth of our industry comes the need to be the most qualified stylist to do the job. But at the same time, it all get down to the most most simplistic action.

Clients are willing to pay for that. They seek out that more that any other aspect when looking for a stylist! They want an unforgettable experience. And now with boutique salons everywhere, there has become a buffet style of choosing from so many stylists out there, how do you rise to the top of the buffet instead of just being picked over? Delivering the most unforgettable service!

Go beyond what the others are offering, I often look at a lot of other stylists and they all start to look the same, because they all offering the same service! Even their social media, it starts to look identical! Stand out from the norm! Take your best skillsets and perfect them down to the last layer. Because no one can do that thing better than you! The service that you do the most, hint hint, is the service that you do the best!!!

Everytime a clients walks thru your door, you are the host that is about to entertain them. Your environment is your home, how would you treat a quest that came to your home? Wouldn’t you lay it all out for them? Making sure everything was company ready and you are hosting them , to make sure they enjoy your company, and the time you spend with them?

When a client graces your chair with their presence, you should be ready to give them a unique experience, every time, even if its a regular client, every visit should be exceptional, to make them remember why they chose you in the first place!

And when you remember that, toppled with enjoying what you do, it will show in your work, I promise you!and You will feel confident in charging what you feel you deserve, because you know the value you added to each experience and the client will never have a problem with paying ! Trust me. Thats what they came for! Why wouldn’t they!

So continue to utilize the tips, wisdom and all the education that Lady Boss has to share to up level your business, and cultivate your dream clientele, create your ideal client experience and put it on repeat, and then watch your business grow and expand like no other!

Until next time!

Evolve and Adapt!

As the seasons change and the chill starts to meet you in the mornings.

I often have the thought of where I started and how far I’ve come. Its the most humbling thought. Because it reminds me of all the test, trials , teachable moments, and blessings I have received along the way.

How I arrived in this place of gratitude and thankfulness, in a scaled down version of Darwin, its not the Strongest, or the most Intelligent that survives.


I’ve spoke of this many times before as I’ve grown and started counting my seasons , that blessed to have so many to count.

The question I always ask myself is what did I do differently this time than the last?

I’m conscious of that particular self check because its a very sustainable truth that we all should ask ourselves as we continue to build a path to our best life and grow our businesses.

Everything continues to change around us, whether we know it or not. And that whether you realize it or not leaves us with two options, either to Evolve and Embrace or Deny and Resist.

According to Darwins theory, those who don’t Evolve and Adapt, can’t not survive. There’s no coasting thru, hoping to get by.

The end result isn’t so pretty, Its usually final. Very Permanent, Its Over. And Its hard to come back from that. Our Business die like this all the time. I’ve seen so many Of our kind Careers meet this same fate over and over. The industry, trends, techniques, the way they do business , circumstances, around them change, But they refuse to Evolve and Adapt, Choosing to stay Stuck in the same position, in their lack of knowledge , complete ignorance to a very visible truth. YOU MUST EVOLVE. They may get by under the radar for a while, doing business the way that they do,

But eventually it comes to an end as clients are consistently looking and seeking the brightest, strongest more advanced stylists who were able to EVOLVE and ADAPT TO CHANGE. So how do you make sure you survive this industry?

Evolve! Become the best version of Yourself. Do exceptional work. Build a Better Business. Keep Learning and Growing and Mastering your Position. For you to be Successful, Failure is never an option!
Until next time!

Run Your Business!

When your first client of the day arrives, how does your experience start with them?

What level of professionalism do you present your client with?

Do you focus on making a connection with her or do you focus on doing business with her?

I hope the latter was correct. If you think about this for a moment, you are running a business, and she is there to receive a service for which you are being paid. That is your core area of focus. Give her top notch service, because you are the expert.

She’s coming to you for the way that you make her look and feel. She also would love to know how to maintain and recreate what you do for her at home. Create an atmosphere thats about what she came for. Converse about her Hair, not her personal life, its ok to listen, not judge, don’t get involved. thats when it turns into more, Stay in control of your chair and time, that also helps to keep the session going and staying on time by not getting too deep with clients, you want to keep it warm, welcoming and friendly, but always keep it professional and keep it moving. Let her share with you, the likes and challenges about her hair and take the time to really listen. That is one of the biggest complaints amongst clients, they feel their stylist, doesn’t listen to them.

Take notes and put in the most memorable things about her, so the next time she returns, it will be the key thing about your visit with her that you remember. Of course you are recording everything you used doing your styling session as well. That way you can also make professional recommendations for at home care, and show her how to recreate her look using her new products. That’s also another way to increase your retail sales by making sure your client leaves with the very things she needs to make styling at home a breeze. Its a win win!

You would be surprised how many clients don’t get this very basic but important transaction when they are having salon services! Because we tend to veer off in another direction instead of staying the course and keeping the whole experience about why she came to you.

We need to be mindful to set Professional boundaries with our clients. Run your business. Your business is your business, not their business! We tend to get too personal, familiar, We become besties, therapists and practically family instead of staying The Expert and doing what we do best. Do your job. It doesn’t take away from you getting to know your client, but get your priorities in order. When we tend to blur the lines by getting too familiar, it affects your ability to run your business, On a level where you want to see growth. It screws taxes your bottom line. You begin to catch feelings and things change and you become lax in the running of your business, I.E, discounts for family and friends. Because of the blurred lines. You would never charge them full price, You are running your business off of your emotions, because they basically made you maid of honor at their wedding, instead of working that wedding, you were in it! Get where im going here? Think about this the next time your client checks in, Theres no feelings in business! Set the tone! Create the professional environment that you would like to see, close that sale! Book her next appointment! Run your business like a business or you will be out of business!

Until next time!

Be Summer Free

Its been a moment since I’ve had time to sit and get my thoughts on the screen, but I haven’t forgot about You! I’ve been busy, summer is a very crazy time for me, with clients and juggling family and trying to create work life balance.

I somehow seem to make it all work.

In the midst of it all. I step away from the chair sometimes just to re-calibrate and return to my clients fresh and ready to give them everything they come to expect and pay for. When You have an extensive clientele list, you have to work out a way to give your absolute best, and sometimes that requires stepping away so you can come back ready.

I see so many stylists at times that overbook and underwhelm their clients because they don’t properly manage their time. They fail to have compassionate boundaries so that they can keep a decent amount of work life balance involvement. I pretty much have a system that keeps me sane and focused so that I’m not all over the place. Because I don’t have a physical assistant, I have a digital assistant instead.

It takes my appointments, keeps my book, runs my numbers, keeps my clients formulas everything that I would probably have to pay someone else to do. I opted for an all in one system that does it for me. I’ve opted for uninterrupted time with my clients because I’m in a salon studio, and that works for me. When i’m with clients, I don’t answer the phone unless I’m on a break and client free. I forward all calls to my booking system, and if clients take the time to explore the site, every question they probably would ask me, could be answered by the site. I put that much time into it so that I would not be subject to incessant calls all the time. And if it was really of a deep serious nature, I always push for a consultation. Come in and chat with me. I love to meet new clients, just at the right time, not while I’m over a clients head with hot or sharp tools in my hand. Im an advocate for getting to know the person who will potentially touching your body? I think thats worthy of a conversation, don’t you? A lot of clients aren’t familiar with that and I find myself offering that all the time. We need to get back to that, and not just hopping into the first chair that opens and not taking the time to know someone who could possibly change your life for good or worse. You should shop around, compare. See if a stylist checks all your boxes, do you have a list? Do you know what you want and what you are looking for in a stylist? YOU SHOULD. It could change you total experience in the chair if you did your due diligence first. That would save a lot of anxiety and heartache.
Stylist shopping is like going on a blind date. IN A LOT OF WAYS . Think about that for a moment. This is why a preliminary meet is never a bad idea. In the days of technology, being a persons eyes and ears, you can find out everything about a person these days online. If they are good and established, she’s most likely public with her business. You will have a birds eye view into what potentially could be a great experience!

Change begins with choice…Choose you

Happy New Year!

I know I’m a little late, I know, I hear you, but its still January and its still time to get that in there and also time to decide to do something different! I’ve been extra quiet for a little so that I could focus and meditate on my new year and what I wanted to bring to all of you for the new year , the holidays and business can get so busy for me, so to still try and bring you the best of the absolute best is the most important thing to me, I love absolutely creating this space for you and us as you come along on this amazing journey of growth, influence, wisdom , abundance , life and business advice and life hacks , this is a year of unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

Everyday we are blessed to start a new chapter in our lives, Every single day, you can absorb new information and knowledge that can set you on a path to something new. You have the opportunity to create change this very second! Think about that! Lets start this year with the desire to]achieve Success in our business in the most amazing way! By choosing to do something different , Join us over at and see what we are about to do for you!

The Choice is YOURS!!

If you want to see change in your business, the way you do business, or how your business is being done, that change begins with Y-O-U. Get into the mindset of remembering, for your situation to change, YOU must change. And that pertains to every single thing related to you. Its a domino effect. So if its change in your business, that you desire , let it begin with you. This year my goal is to see each and every single one of you W-I-N ! In our Businesses, doing what you love, In your relationships, personal as well as business, in everything around you, let this year be about LIVING GOLDEN as well as your best life! What you put out will return to you! Trust me, I know this first hand. Always remember that the energy you give will be reflected. Let your energy be Love, Success, Abundance, Grace, Wisdom, Courage, Faith, Integrity, Truth and Respect.