What inspired me

I’ve been an established successful stylist for over 30+ years. I made the decision to relocate from DC to Northern Virginia years ago at the suggestion of a client of mine! She told me it wasnt enough great stylists out there and she was correct! D.C was already so saturated with stylists, who were all known to be amazing for the most part, so I decided I wanted to try something new, so I bought my expertise and following out here- and set up shop! And a whole new following ensued. I started working to build a whole new base. And I realized in that, the clients were all going to DC and MD for their styling needs because they weren’t finding what they needed at home. 

I’ve heard so many reasons as to why they were going out of their way, to find beauty services, that I was amazed. It was the simplest of things that clients were not getting, and I couldn’t understand why. What I found that would or should be common sense in business in a lot of ways. But it wasn’t for stylists.

As I listened intently to each client , the several familiar things they all had in common, were:

I experienced years of listening and becoming informed and educated by these clients and in turn I was also being trained. Little did I know at the time, that those negative experiences they were having elsewhere, would prosper me and my business in so many ways. It made me a better stylist to my clients. I learned what not to do from them. All of those years, of cultivating, building and growing my clients, organically by word of mouth. Before social media was even a thing, paid off. In a major way. I was able to, after so many years, of competitions and hairs shows, continuing education, all wonderful to do, but my true love was just being behind the chair, meeting clients and giving them a wonderful session at a time.

It has and always will be my mission. In that, I’ve found myself sharing how I’ve attained success, with this business model, and starting coaching and consulting with other stylists on how to do it as well.

Alrighty… now were not total strangers anymore check this out:

Here’s the goodie I promised you!

What is Success to You?

This is the worksheet I promised . You’re gonna love it! It’s about What Success means to You. Honestly? Have you sat down and thought of that lately? Have you really meditated on how you see yourself in your business? Are there things you would like to work on? Do different, or see change in the way that you do business? That’s what this worksheet is all about. It was created for you to actually brain dump your thoughts and ideas. PLUS now that we are in this time, this moment of pause I like to call it, It’s time to hit the reset button so we can actually spend some time on how we can come back better and stronger when we do get back to business. Most of the time, we are so busy working the business, we neglect to run it. That is something we have to make time to do. It’s very necessary for the survival and SUCCESS of your business. You can grab your favorite goodie and again, my favorite, some tea! and sit down in your favorite place and really meditate on the questions that are imposed on you right now. Get some clarity, take it in, just process and relax on it, because there’s more coming your way tomorrow. Talk to you later!

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How to be confident (1)

Learning How to Become more Confident in Your Decisions

Learning How to Become more Confident in Your Decisions

Over thinking every decision you make is a costly habit we need to break. Whenever you’re unsure, the cycle continues.

Your dreams are delayed, sometimes go unaccomplished, you fall into a sticky habit of procrastination and working under pressure. Uninvited stress from trying to control the outcome.

To change your trajectory and move into a positive space, Own the power you have in making a decision.

Focus on making better decisions. Don’t get caught up in the details. That can keep you stuck. Focus on the outcome and learn to trust yourself.

Taking care of tedious daily chores by batching them is a great way to eliminate time consuming things that you could be using that time being engaged into moving that closer to accomplishing a goal.


Preplan meals. Breakfast and Lunch. Here Are some tips to help you get started on making your meal prepping easier🔝


Free up Your mornings so that you can Spend that time on Y-O-U. Meditating, Journaling, mentally getting ready to plan for your day to be amazing.


Finding a particular issue challenging? Come back around to it later. Move it from the top of your list to the end of your list. Coming back with a fresh perspective sometimes make problem solving a lot less challenging after you have decompressed for a while.


Jump! Don’t be afraid to Go all in for yourself! How bad do you really want it? Remember why you started this journey. Remember your why. Don’t over analyze every little detail. Try to visualize the outcome, Not control it. Theres a difference. Visualizing the outcome takes the pressure off. You’re more apt to work successfully toward that goal if you keep the outcome realistic and more obtainable. Trying to control the outcome will set you up for possible failure every time. You get stuck on the minor details and distractions that will always steal your time and energy and keep you from your desired result.


Put your Why into your Journal and make it the top sentence on your page. Under it you’re going to write out why your Why is important to you. And the things it will change in your life when you reach that goal. What inspired you? What motivated you to start this journey? Add an inspirational thought to it every day.


I use a Digital Journal that I keep with me and I jot down into it everyday because it keeps me focused and grounded. It has thousands of entries in it now and pictures to accompany it, So when I also need a dose of inspiration, I go back to my journal to remind me how invested I am in this. And that Im learning to smell the roses as I go along, not just the destination, But remember the journey. Be inspired by the journey so you will have respect for the journey and what it took for you to get to your destination. Because in that, you will be more appreciative of your accomplishments because you never forgot why you started.


Remember to stay in a place of Gratitude. It will change your life. It will keep you centered and focused. Stay grateful for everything. And More will be added unto you.


To Your Best Life!


Tips to Move forward into an amazing future

Hello innovative lady bosses.

When you think of your future, what thoughts blow your mind? Does it make you happy , or sad?

Are you filled with joy or does it give you anxiety at the thought of the unknown?

Life lately has been quite a series of endless questions for me at times as I look around, and listen and read what its going on in the world around me. Its easy to get caught up in ambiguous thoughts. Whats definite is that we need to navigate ourselves to a place where we can stay true to what we desire for our own future and well being.

I wanted to share with you some ways that I’ve decided to stay engaged in my journey of living my best life moving forward. I found that as I continued to focus on the things that I decided I wanted the most out of life, the more things, and opportunities lined up for me to get just that closer to my goals. Whatever you focus on grows. Its definitely true! Good, bad or indifferent.

I will elaborate on that soon, but definitely as it pertains to your pursuit of your best life going forward, its all relative!

Live Out Loud!

Live your life unapologetically, If you did, own it! Whatever it is, be willing to claim it. But let it be for your better, Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, to want to be , live , do and think better. Its all apart of growing and evolving. You can’t stay the same all of your life. Nature didn’t design us to be that way. Embrace change. Learn from it. Doubts are born in fear designed to keep you stuck. Fear sometimes comes along to test your ability to be stretched and challenged. Accept the Challenge!

Create a plan to eliminate a couple of your biggest challenges.

What are they and how do they keep you stuck? The one that strikes fear in you the most, work on that one first! Because if you tackle that one first , the others will be a cake walk! Rome wasn’t conquered in a day. But putting an honest committed routine effort to checking that challenge off your list as DONE! Will be well worth it, and the feeling of accomplishment is priceless.

Remember your strengths.

Call on them every single time you need them to pull you thru. Let your strength kick in whenever you start to feel unsure about where you are heading in your future. Trust your inspired thoughts. God wouldn’t have never planted the seed without giving you the necessary tools to water that seed. As Ive said before, everything you need is already inside of you! Surround yourself with who I call wise council. Those the people who are there to guide you and support you. They keep you accountable so that you can accomplish those goals that get you just that closer to the most amazing future!
I hope I have helped you think about ways to move forward and tackle things that no longer serve you and helps you clear a pathway to your best life yet! As I think about it, I want to Knock off a couple of things on my list too this week! Thanks you letting me share with you, and drop me a line or a comment below, Id love to hear from you!

3 Ways To build Your Strength

Hello Beautiful !

Sometimes there are days that can come along to really test and try you. We want to lose it and just let what ever happens happen. Or we try to control the outcome! But i’m here to share with with you how to change the outcome of that mindset. You need to shake up the spirit of BOUNCING BACK!

Don’t let adversities in life keep you from finding the strength with in. I said it before. Everything you need is already inside of you. You just have to dig deep, but she’s in there.

Lets start with A mental work out. Thats essential to jumpstarting your well being. Our weekly Mindset makeovers are important, they help us reset our thoughts and redirect our energy and focus to create the lives we desire.

What are your thoughts at the beginning of your day? How you start your day is as important as how you will end it.

Visualizing how you want your day to be is essential.


Visualizing how you want your day to be is essential.

Speaking to that visualization helps to give it life. Using words of affirmation. Make that part of the beginning of your day. Grab your journal! Add this to your new list of affirmations.

– Today is Your Day and it is filled with endless possibilities.

-Today will be even better than yesterday.

-You are an amazing breath of light.

-Y-O-U get to choose who you become!

-You are divinely blessed with the gift to change any and all things in your life.

-You are worthy of all things wonderful.

-You are here to learn and grow every single day.

Make speaking life to your situations a positive part of your day.


Separate yourself from people, situations, and things that don’t add to your life or no longer serve you.

Stop lending your energy to things that drain you. That make you second guess who you are, make you question your moral compass. Its ok not to show up for things that don’t grow you, challenge you or make you feel better about yourself. Choose Y-O-U! Its ok to be selfish when it comes to your well being. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally, you always treat yourself better than anyone else can. You don’t need anyone’s permission to love yourself.


Do one small thing that challenges you everyday!

That adds to how you build inner strength. No one knows at first that its a challenge for you until you share it. Think about all of those possibilities that you have in front of you that you have to choose from. Start thinking of what it would take to change directions and explore one of those possibilities.


Letting your Gift make room for you.

Hello innovative lady bosses.

When I first Started LBC, I had no idea That it would become the platform it has evolved into.

I Currently own another business that I have Successfully owned and operated for over 30 years. In the last few years, id say at least the last 8, I started having the most interesting interactions with the guests and clients who I started meeting. And to establish that kind of repertoire with them was great.

I started noticing the intensity and depth of the conversations we were having. These women were really having real thoughts and conversations, open and honest. Which I have come to be accustomed to in my career.

Stylists are women personal therapists as well as a best friend in beauty. Its gets no better than that. What I also discovered was that they were seeking more than the latest style, they were seeking advice, some guidance, and a little wisdom.

For some just an ear or a shoulder to rest their cares and concerns on. I honestly can say, that everything, every trial, life lesson, and blessings were not in vain. Because it later came back around at the time it was needed for so many women to hear, that they were not alone.

That someone understands and been there too. I never knew that all those things that should have broken me, eventually MADE ME! Because I got to use it all for good.
I decided to change my mindset, that was instrumental in the changes I made in my life. I had one main reason for that, My daughter. She was my catalyst for all the change I needed to see in my life. Because I want to be the best example I could be. For her.

This week, I want to share how letting your gifts make room for you is essential to lead you to the best version of YOU.

Mindset makeover- Set the Intention. Because Everything You need is already inside of you.

What is the one Goal you would like to accomplish this week?

Write it down, putting pen to paper gives it life.

Send me a message and let me know what it is. I would love to hear from you!

2 Minute Mindfulness

What are you grateful for today? Think of the one thing you did great today. Don’t forget to share it!

How can you continue that momentum?

Every morning at the start of your day is when you are at your optimum best. I know For me, my morning starts now around 3 am, the flow of inspiration is so rapid, that I actually can’t sleep.
It wakes me up now. I thought something was wrong with me, I noticed that I kept waking up earlier and earlier and the more I tried to fight waking up, the more I wrestled with it until I gave in and started writing.

It’s like my brain needed an outlet to get all of these thoughts and ideas out of my head. Like now, I’m on a streak, but it took me a moment to get into my stride because I wasn’t used to what was occurring, I struggled to get my land legs with this thing. But now, I see once I get started, the rest just flows from me and I can just relax and let it go.

It’s like something has taken over me, but I LOVE IT! It’s Organic.

I’m loving this journey I am on with my platform. I learning not to be afraid to set goals and accomplish them. Starting with small, baby steps, is what led me here to you. I’m going to share with you some steps to help you work thru challenges to start accomplishing your dreams and goals

Set the intention

What is a goal this week you would like to accomplish?
Remember to Write it down!
IMPORTANT-Affirm it! Positive Affirmation gives it validation. Speak it until you see it.
Stay in a place of gratitude. Stay thankful and grateful for everything. Make this apart of your 2-minute mindfulness every day

This has been one of the single most impactful set of words in my adult life. It wasn’t until I realized the weight in the sound of my own voice that if I didn’t use it, I would lose it!

When your Mindset changes, so does your conversation . Learn to get comfortable speaking life into your situations. Don’t look at what is, speak to what it will become. Open your mind to the possibilities. Its all there available to you. When you make a decision to take the first step, The Universe will line everything else up for you. You just have to stay conscious of the words you speak. Because they have power.

Instead of saying – I can’t do that- say, What would it take to get it DONE!

Everything else will line up for you. Set the intention! Write the Vision, Make it plain. This I know for sure. You do have in Life what you have the courage to ask for.


Getting Clarity

Hello innovative lady bosses.

What made you visit my site is something I will consider as divine intervention or just pure luck.

Or perhaps you’re driven by exhaustion from being stagnant and from going around in circles not really knowing what to do with your life.

You feel jealous of your friends and colleagues who managed to accomplished goals they set for themselves and are happy and content. You want to start taking control of your life, but you don’t know how and where to start. This is where I may be of help to you.

As early as now, I am telling you that the process will not be without hurdles. At times it will be easier to just give up and settle to where you are now, merely existing and not living up to your full potential.

My Self-Study Workbook to Getting Clarity will assist you in the challenges you will face in achieving clarity on what you really yearn out of life.

The workbook is divided into six sections:The Definition, Becoming Clear, Journaling, Intention, Define Your Why and Take Action.


Section 1

The Definition will explain what clarity means in your journey to self-discovery. This word is the essence of this whole workbook, the purpose as to why this material is created.


Section 2

Becoming Clear will deal with how you will be able to get clarity. On this part, you will need to answer certain questions. No right or wrong answers. Only truthful responses to what makes you happy, the things and activities you are passionate about, what goals you would pursue if you are to succeed, your inspirations, etc.


Section 3

Journaling is a free space for you to express what is in your heart, mind and spirit in a tangible and durable tool. A physical representation of your goals and what you want to achieve.


Section 4

Intention is a blank canvas for you to uncover your deepest desires, the thoughts that occupy your consciousness, the sense of your feelings when you are on your happiest and saddest state. This is the DEFINITIVE OUTCOME of how you really wanted to live your life and how you intend to pursue your vision, dreams and goals. I know it is challenging to achieve clarity on what we really want especially if we don’t have any idea what will truly satisfy us or what we truly lack but this is why this workbook is essential to level up your life.


Section 5

Define Your Why is a reminder to you that you’re almost there! Never forget WHY you are doing this in the first place and it will be easier for you to regain your focus.


Section 6

Take Action is the last step and probably the most nerve-wracking. In this section, you will need to write out what you need to do to overcome your fears and insecurities that was holding you back (Section 4). This will either make or break your progress. If you could not come up with a course of action to deal with your worries, you will remain stuck and all your past efforts would have been for naught. Dealing with your fears is daunting and if you are feeling overwhelmed, remember Section 5, why you are doing this.


After you completed my Self-Study Workbook to Getting Clarity, I hope you managed to get to know yourself better and you figured out what will gratify you in the different aspects of your life. Continue to strive and to be inspired. After all, the life you deserve is nothing short of awe-inspiring brought upon by your hard work.



Own Your power

The fastest way to see change in your life and business is to own your Power. There is strength in owning your power.

You will always struggle to achieve success at the level you long for if you don’t.

The world needs more Lady Bosses to own their power. I’m making my declaration today because in my life’s journey, I’ve discovered some amazing women whose presence, experiences and light clearly lit the way for their gifts to make room for them.

Their gifts opened doors that in other situations would have been closed to them. They improved relationships, stepped out into their greatness, and opened businesses, which a year before, was just a passing thought in their minds.

Not even written out on a piece of paper. Just a passing fancy at one time. Until I helped them find their voice and face some hard truths. Kind of like going to bed the night before you meet your new personal trainer!

You’re trying to decide if that bowl of ice cream will be more forgiving than your new trainer! Lol! We all have fears and insecurities.

Life happens, and sometimes it gets away from us. That’s a fact of life, but as long as you are blessed to open your eyes the next day, you are given the most amazing gift!

The opportunity to do it all over, to make different choices and do something you’ve never done before.


Life happens, and sometimes it gets away from us. That’s a fact of life,but as long as you are blessed to open your eyes the next day, you are given the most amazing gift!

The opportunity to do it all over, to make different choices and do something you’ve never done before.


Use your voice, dream bigger dreams , give birth to bolder visions , intertwining your life and business with the inner core of you, Your Authentic You!

Lets go on the journey of discovering your voice and getting her started on her path to greatness! Lady Boss Clique has so much to offer you.

You just have to show up for it! Join the Clique today!

We’d love to have you..


You attract, what you are!

If you desire a life of meaning and purpose, you must always be in the motion of working on yourself. Constantly seeking the best version of you! Do you better than any other thing you do well. Be the expert of you. What you become is much more important than the things you get. It’s never about things. What important is the care and keeping of you and who you are destined to become. Because what you become is directly related to what you receive! Capture that!

It was an Aha moment!

You attract what you are. That goes for everything in life. As we continue on this journey together, we will venture deeper into this topic, so pack you a cute carry-on bag! Because this is a girls trip you are going to enjoy!
So stay connected for pt.2 of this piece coming soon. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below! I would love to hear from you!