Happy March!

As the Sun moves closer to the Earth, the temperatures are starting to be more kinder, I cant help but notice new names are showing up in my client list.

Clients I haven’t seen in a while are starting to descend upon me as well too. It is becoming a very warm and welcoming experience.

I feel like I’m being thought of. Selected. Its nice to be chosen. Its intentional. I took the time to just reflect on that for a moment. It makes me ask myself, a few pivotal questions.


What is my professional image saying about me? Is it saying what I want it say.

All of these things I want to continuously stay conscious of because it is related to the foundation of my business.

Being of Service. Serving my client is always at the core of everything thing I do. I give my absolute best. I don’t deviate. I don’t discount. i don’t devalue my brand. That’s just it. I value my service. I just focus on showing up for each of my clients and I’m laser focused on what their needs are and I aim to meet their needs. That’s what I want to be known for. My authentic approach to being a trusted partner in there hair journey. Giving them value for what they spend with me.

To give them the look they want while keeping them in the healthiest regimen possible. Keeping it realistic and making sure it keeps up with what their reality is, and that they become more educated about their own hair. Teaching them along the way how to upkeep and maintain doesn’t take away from you. It helps them, help you to keep them in a healthy position, It empowers them. They benefit from the outcome, and you’re seen as a trusted partner when it comes to their needs and that is something that is invaluable. Clients pay well when you show the ability to be a trusted advisor. A partner. Stay in your lane and do what you do the best. Be the expert. I attract clients who are looking for a person that’s the expert in their field.

With this new season approaching, make it a daily habit of investing time into each client. And really making their time with you feel validated. Be prepared to see them when they come thru the door. If they are new, Look them in the eye, welcome them and say their name. Remember, you’re the hostess, Be hospitable and let them feel how much you are grateful for them choosing you to spend their money with. Listen and make them feel valued. Everyone wants to feel validated. Earn the money you are charging. Justify the experience they are about to have with you by standing behind your brand. Remember why you started. Sometimes we forget, that’s normal. But we have to come back to it and remember, The reason why clients choose us! And that we meet those expectations. I try to be conscious of giving them what they do not get elsewhere. It keeps them coming back. And happy to pay for what they get.

It makes a difference and your bottom line will thank you. And when those winter months come, as they always do after the holidays , it gets quiet and the winter slumber looks inviting, the results of your good works and business acumen will help keep you going until spring meets you again!

Until next time!
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