Evolve and Adapt!

As the seasons change and the chill starts to meet you in the mornings.

I often have the thought of where I started and how far I’ve come. Its the most humbling thought. Because it reminds me of all the test, trials , teachable moments, and blessings I have received along the way.

How I arrived in this place of gratitude and thankfulness, in a scaled down version of Darwin, its not the Strongest, or the most Intelligent that survives.


I’ve spoke of this many times before as I’ve grown and started counting my seasons , that blessed to have so many to count.

The question I always ask myself is what did I do differently this time than the last?

I’m conscious of that particular self check because its a very sustainable truth that we all should ask ourselves as we continue to build a path to our best life and grow our businesses.

Everything continues to change around us, whether we know it or not. And that whether you realize it or not leaves us with two options, either to Evolve and Embrace or Deny and Resist.

According to Darwins theory, those who don’t Evolve and Adapt, can’t not survive. There’s no coasting thru, hoping to get by.

The end result isn’t so pretty, Its usually final. Very Permanent, Its Over. And Its hard to come back from that. Our Business die like this all the time. I’ve seen so many Of our kind Careers meet this same fate over and over. The industry, trends, techniques, the way they do business , circumstances, around them change, But they refuse to Evolve and Adapt, Choosing to stay Stuck in the same position, in their lack of knowledge , complete ignorance to a very visible truth. YOU MUST EVOLVE. They may get by under the radar for a while, doing business the way that they do,

But eventually it comes to an end as clients are consistently looking and seeking the brightest, strongest more advanced stylists who were able to EVOLVE and ADAPT TO CHANGE. So how do you make sure you survive this industry?

Evolve! Become the best version of Yourself. Do exceptional work. Build a Better Business. Keep Learning and Growing and Mastering your Position. For you to be Successful, Failure is never an option!
Until next time!
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