Getting Clarity

Hello innovative lady bosses.

What made you visit my site is something I will consider as divine intervention or just pure luck.

Or perhaps you’re driven by exhaustion from being stagnant and from going around in circles not really knowing what to do with your life.

You feel jealous of your friends and colleagues who managed to accomplished goals they set for themselves and are happy and content. You want to start taking control of your life, but you don’t know how and where to start. This is where I may be of help to you.

As early as now, I am telling you that the process will not be without hurdles. At times it will be easier to just give up and settle to where you are now, merely existing and not living up to your full potential.

My Self-Study Workbook to Getting Clarity will assist you in the challenges you will face in achieving clarity on what you really yearn out of life.

The workbook is divided into six sections:The Definition, Becoming Clear, Journaling, Intention, Define Your Why and Take Action.


Section 1

The Definition will explain what clarity means in your journey to self-discovery. This word is the essence of this whole workbook, the purpose as to why this material is created.


Section 2

Becoming Clear will deal with how you will be able to get clarity. On this part, you will need to answer certain questions. No right or wrong answers. Only truthful responses to what makes you happy, the things and activities you are passionate about, what goals you would pursue if you are to succeed, your inspirations, etc.


Section 3

Journaling is a free space for you to express what is in your heart, mind and spirit in a tangible and durable tool. A physical representation of your goals and what you want to achieve.


Section 4

Intention is a blank canvas for you to uncover your deepest desires, the thoughts that occupy your consciousness, the sense of your feelings when you are on your happiest and saddest state. This is the DEFINITIVE OUTCOME of how you really wanted to live your life and how you intend to pursue your vision, dreams and goals. I know it is challenging to achieve clarity on what we really want especially if we don’t have any idea what will truly satisfy us or what we truly lack but this is why this workbook is essential to level up your life.


Section 5

Define Your Why is a reminder to you that you’re almost there! Never forget WHY you are doing this in the first place and it will be easier for you to regain your focus.


Section 6

Take Action is the last step and probably the most nerve-wracking. In this section, you will need to write out what you need to do to overcome your fears and insecurities that was holding you back (Section 4). This will either make or break your progress. If you could not come up with a course of action to deal with your worries, you will remain stuck and all your past efforts would have been for naught. Dealing with your fears is daunting and if you are feeling overwhelmed, remember Section 5, why you are doing this.


After you completed my Self-Study Workbook to Getting Clarity, I hope you managed to get to know yourself better and you figured out what will gratify you in the different aspects of your life. Continue to strive and to be inspired. After all, the life you deserve is nothing short of awe-inspiring brought upon by your hard work.


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