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Learning How to Become more Confident in Your Decisions

Learning How to Become more Confident in Your Decisions

Over thinking every decision you make is a costly habit we need to break. Whenever you’re unsure, the cycle continues.

Your dreams are delayed, sometimes go unaccomplished, you fall into a sticky habit of procrastination and working under pressure. Uninvited stress from trying to control the outcome.

To change your trajectory and move into a positive space, Own the power you have in making a decision.

Focus on making better decisions. Don’t get caught up in the details. That can keep you stuck. Focus on the outcome and learn to trust yourself.

Taking care of tedious daily chores by batching them is a great way to eliminate time consuming things that you could be using that time being engaged into moving that closer to accomplishing a goal.


Preplan meals. Breakfast and Lunch. Here Are some tips to help you get started on making your meal prepping easier🔝


Free up Your mornings so that you can Spend that time on Y-O-U. Meditating, Journaling, mentally getting ready to plan for your day to be amazing.


Finding a particular issue challenging? Come back around to it later. Move it from the top of your list to the end of your list. Coming back with a fresh perspective sometimes make problem solving a lot less challenging after you have decompressed for a while.


Jump! Don’t be afraid to Go all in for yourself! How bad do you really want it? Remember why you started this journey. Remember your why. Don’t over analyze every little detail. Try to visualize the outcome, Not control it. Theres a difference. Visualizing the outcome takes the pressure off. You’re more apt to work successfully toward that goal if you keep the outcome realistic and more obtainable. Trying to control the outcome will set you up for possible failure every time. You get stuck on the minor details and distractions that will always steal your time and energy and keep you from your desired result.


Put your Why into your Journal and make it the top sentence on your page. Under it you’re going to write out why your Why is important to you. And the things it will change in your life when you reach that goal. What inspired you? What motivated you to start this journey? Add an inspirational thought to it every day.


I use a Digital Journal that I keep with me and I jot down into it everyday because it keeps me focused and grounded. It has thousands of entries in it now and pictures to accompany it, So when I also need a dose of inspiration, I go back to my journal to remind me how invested I am in this. And that Im learning to smell the roses as I go along, not just the destination, But remember the journey. Be inspired by the journey so you will have respect for the journey and what it took for you to get to your destination. Because in that, you will be more appreciative of your accomplishments because you never forgot why you started.


Remember to stay in a place of Gratitude. It will change your life. It will keep you centered and focused. Stay grateful for everything. And More will be added unto you.


To Your Best Life!

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