Letting your Gift make room for you.

Hello innovative lady bosses.

When I first Started LBC, I had no idea That it would become the platform it has evolved into.

I Currently own another business that I have Successfully owned and operated for over 30 years. In the last few years, id say at least the last 8, I started having the most interesting interactions with the guests and clients who I started meeting. And to establish that kind of repertoire with them was great.

I started noticing the intensity and depth of the conversations we were having. These women were really having real thoughts and conversations, open and honest. Which I have come to be accustomed to in my career.

Stylists are women personal therapists as well as a best friend in beauty. Its gets no better than that. What I also discovered was that they were seeking more than the latest style, they were seeking advice, some guidance, and a little wisdom.

For some just an ear or a shoulder to rest their cares and concerns on. I honestly can say, that everything, every trial, life lesson, and blessings were not in vain. Because it later came back around at the time it was needed for so many women to hear, that they were not alone.

That someone understands and been there too. I never knew that all those things that should have broken me, eventually MADE ME! Because I got to use it all for good.
I decided to change my mindset, that was instrumental in the changes I made in my life. I had one main reason for that, My daughter. She was my catalyst for all the change I needed to see in my life. Because I want to be the best example I could be. For her.

This week, I want to share how letting your gifts make room for you is essential to lead you to the best version of YOU.

Mindset makeover- Set the Intention. Because Everything You need is already inside of you.

What is the one Goal you would like to accomplish this week?

Write it down, putting pen to paper gives it life.

Send me a message and let me know what it is. I would love to hear from you!

2 Minute Mindfulness

What are you grateful for today? Think of the one thing you did great today. Don’t forget to share it!

How can you continue that momentum?

Every morning at the start of your day is when you are at your optimum best. I know For me, my morning starts now around 3 am, the flow of inspiration is so rapid, that I actually can’t sleep.
It wakes me up now. I thought something was wrong with me, I noticed that I kept waking up earlier and earlier and the more I tried to fight waking up, the more I wrestled with it until I gave in and started writing.

It’s like my brain needed an outlet to get all of these thoughts and ideas out of my head. Like now, I’m on a streak, but it took me a moment to get into my stride because I wasn’t used to what was occurring, I struggled to get my land legs with this thing. But now, I see once I get started, the rest just flows from me and I can just relax and let it go.

It’s like something has taken over me, but I LOVE IT! It’s Organic.

I’m loving this journey I am on with my platform. I learning not to be afraid to set goals and accomplish them. Starting with small, baby steps, is what led me here to you. I’m going to share with you some steps to help you work thru challenges to start accomplishing your dreams and goals

Set the intention

What is a goal this week you would like to accomplish?
Remember to Write it down!
IMPORTANT-Affirm it! Positive Affirmation gives it validation. Speak it until you see it.
Stay in a place of gratitude. Stay thankful and grateful for everything. Make this apart of your 2-minute mindfulness every day

This has been one of the single most impactful set of words in my adult life. It wasn’t until I realized the weight in the sound of my own voice that if I didn’t use it, I would lose it!

When your Mindset changes, so does your conversation . Learn to get comfortable speaking life into your situations. Don’t look at what is, speak to what it will become. Open your mind to the possibilities. Its all there available to you. When you make a decision to take the first step, The Universe will line everything else up for you. You just have to stay conscious of the words you speak. Because they have power.

Instead of saying – I can’t do that- say, What would it take to get it DONE!

Everything else will line up for you. Set the intention! Write the Vision, Make it plain. This I know for sure. You do have in Life what you have the courage to ask for.

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