What inspired me

I’ve been an established successful stylist for over 30+ years. I made the decision to relocate from DC to Northern Virginia years ago at the suggestion of a client of mine! She told me it wasnt enough great stylists out there and she was correct!

D.C was already so saturated with stylists, who were all known to be amazing for the most part, so I decided I wanted to try something new, so I bought my expertise and following out here- and set up shop! And a whole new following ensued. 

I started working to build a whole new base. And I realized in that, the clients were all going to DC and MD for their styling needs because they weren’t finding what they needed at home. 

I’ve heard so many reasons as to why they were going out of their way, to find beauty services, that I was amazed. It was the simplest of things that clients were not getting, and I couldn’t understand why. What I found that would or should be common sense in business in a lot of ways. But it wasn’t for stylists.

As I listened intently to each client , the several familiar things they all had in common, were:

  • Stylists overbooking, Not being present with their clients.Lacking skillsets, customer service
  • Lacking skillsets, customer service
  • Not listening to or addressing client needs or concerns.
  • Not truly being invested in the health of the hair. Just the outcome.
  • Lackluster experiences. Lack of respect for time or money. Overcharging and Underwhelming.

I experienced years of listening and becoming informed and educated by these clients and in turn I was also being trained. Little did I know at the time, that those negative experiences they were having elsewhere, would prosper me and my business in so many ways. It made me a better stylist to my clients. I learned what not to do from them. All of those years, of cultivating, building and growing my clients, organically by word of mouth. Before social media was even a thing, paid off. In a major way. I was able to, after so many years, of competitions and hairs shows, continuing education, all wonderful to do, but my true love was just being behind the chair, meeting clients and giving them a wonderful session at a time.

It has and always will be my mission. In that, I’ve found myself sharing how I’ve attained success, with this business model, and starting coaching and consulting with other stylists on how to do it as well.

Alrighty… now were not total strangers anymore check this out:

Here’s the goodie I promised you!

What is Success to You?

This is the worksheet I promised . You’re gonna love it! It’s about What Success means to You. Honestly? Have you sat down and thought of that lately? Have you really meditated on how you see yourself in your business? Are there things you would like to work on? Do different, or see change in the way that you do business? That’s what this worksheet is all about. It was created for you to actually brain dump your thoughts and ideas. PLUS now that we are in this time, this moment of pause I like to call it, It’s time to hit the reset button so we can actually spend some time on how we can come back better and stronger when we do get back to business. Most of the time, we are so busy working the business, we neglect to run it. That is something we have to make time to do. It’s very necessary for the survival and SUCCESS of your business. You can grab your favorite goodie and again, my favorite, some tea! and sit down in your favorite place and really meditate on the questions that are imposed on you right now. Get some clarity, take it in, just process and relax on it, because there’s more coming your way tomorrow. Talk to you later!

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Happy March!

As the Sun moves closer to the Earth, the temperatures are starting to be more kinder, I cant help but notice new names are showing up in my client list.

Clients I haven’t seen in a while are starting to descend upon me as well too. It is becoming a very warm and welcoming experience.

I feel like I’m being thought of. Selected. Its nice to be chosen. Its intentional. I took the time to just reflect on that for a moment. It makes me ask myself, a few pivotal questions.

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Month of exploring LOVE

I wanted to spend the month of February exploring LOVE ! In all aspects. Its the perfect time to get reaccquainted with the most important love of your life! YOU. So lets dive right into it.

Love yourself enough to buy yourself roses, Don’t’ ever wait for anyone else to do it.

In my focus to concentrate on creating more love for myself in my life, I’ve done a great deal to show my body, my mind and spirit that I love the very essence of me.

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