More Self Love!

It is a new season and I’m back! Im happy to be here. After this long and very interesting year, in business, home and the world around us, There has been plenty of distractions all around, a lot of new ways of living, readjusting and adapting. Learning to create a better quality of life from all the unexpected changes that life has thrown at us over the majority of 20. It has been an absolute lesson and a test of your faith, strength and character.

I’ve gotten pretty in tuned with how to stay focused and in faith under pressure. With running a business and keeping my home and family in sync, it can easily become a major chore. But I realized that the one thing I needed to keep was for things to be simple. Im learning the appreciation of the value in slowing down and enjoying life and all the details that we so often miss, because we are so busy making a living that we forget to live. I honestly am thankful for the changes that came about this year that has forced me to rethink my position and the endeavors that I actively have been apart of for so long. Doing this time, before Covid, I had been doing exceptionally well in my business, but I wasn’t seeing the balance in my life I really wanted to see. Busy making a living.

Until Covid.
It came and forced me to have a much needed break from the business, in such a way I didn’t think I needed. Until it happened.

Im actually appreciative of the time taken to get myself to a place of stillness so that I could figure out what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life. I truly love making women beautiful. I love the time being spent. Giving them my undivided attention and time. I love the bonding time I spend with my clients. So many of us need that in this time, I realize as these unprecedented changes have come about in our lives. This change has forced some of us to get connected to ourselves again. More importantly indulging in self love. As we start to try and find a new normal, we as women are always the backbone to everything, we try and hold down , hold up and keep together everything and everyone, so much at times that we don’t put that same energy into our selves. We really don’t. We are the bravest, most beautiful, fearless tribe on earth. We are Moms, Bosses,Nurturers, Uber Drivers, Besties, Therapists, Friends, Lovers, Others, Accountants, Maids, Sisters , Daughters, Wives , we are phenomenal, we wear so many hats, I could go on. We forget to take time and stop. Just be still, breathe and just be. Be in love with yourself. Thats the task I’ve decided to spend time taking on, more of self loving approach. So I can become the best version of myself. So that I can be the best version of myself for everyone I care for. Clients included.


Its then and only then will I be able to give to others in an authentic way. When Im at my 100% best.  Be it whatever that is I decide to do, I will do it in completion.   Doing it in my way and time how I want to do it, is the best decision I’ve made.  Im practicing more mindfulness this season.  Leading with love.  Starting with me.  Im discovering that my new venture will have a lot of me in it, as we get to know each other on this journey.  I realized I just didn’t want to coach about business, but how to balance it all.  Why not? Its all connected in more ways than you could ever imagine. To have a successful business, you must lead from your core.  That starts with you. 
You are the foundation to it all.

Starting there is a great way to begin up leveling.  

See the changes you want to see, when you embrace the awesome feeling of self love.  

You will attract back everything you put out there. It comes back to you.

I look forward to chatting it up with you again,

Until next time!


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