About me

I’m a business mentor , transformational coach and consultant, While im the Gladiator of business strategy and planning, that is not my primary focus. My focus is YOU, what happens with your mindset + energy + emotions, and your soul’s deepest expression and desire to create the foundation for the most amazing life and success in business.


Here’s my deal: I am incredibly non-judgmental. I see all of who you are. I cannot help but speak the truth. I have unwavering faith in God, in Spirit, in Universal Law. I stand for YOU, not your stories or the limited version of yourself that might show up in your business. I call out the best version of YOU. We will laugh a lot. I love my clients fiercely. I only mentor Lady Bosses I believe in who want to up-level consciousness on this planet.

In mentoring sessions we dive into your relationship with God/Spirit and your subconscious, because I’m a gladiator when it comes to blasting through resistance and weak mindsets. We explore your faith (or lack of faith), your desire, your beliefs + values, your frame of mind, your resistance, and your core expression in your business.

If I agree to mentor you, there is nothing you can tell me as my client that will cause me to NOT want to support you 100%. I will have your back, and I will not let you fail. Failure is never an option. 
As your mentor, I will see you clearly – even the parts of yourself that you think you are successfully hiding or that you don’t want to be made visible. To mentor successfully, you must be willing to play in the sandbox with me, so that together we can help you step into your greatness. Together, we create sacred space that allows all of you to show up.

I will always be authentic and truthful with you,in loving service to the best version of YOU. As a truth teller I will tell you exactly what the problem is in your business and what the cost will be if you don’t fix the problem. When you are growing an empire your mindset, energy, emotions and your soul expression matter much more than strategy and planning. Your strategy and planing will NOT work if you are the problem in your business. You may think that you need more strategy, but that won’t work if you are the one creating problems in your business.

The philosophy behind my mentoring is simple: that conscious creatives experience success and abundant outcomes when their lives and businesses are aligned to their deepest core expression.

A lot of times YOU are the problem in your business. To mentor with me, you have to be willing to solve the problem – you have to be willing to step into a different version of yourself, make decisions, move through resistance, and be good with being in the unknown. You also have to be willing to be visible and authentic, and release ways of being that no longer serve you.

The more conscious we are, the more we need to keep in alignment with our core expression. And when we design our lives from our core, we create a lasting unique life model that wants to create abundance in every area of our lives for us!

I believe that the world is READY for new models of what it means to live abundantly and do business well, and it’s conscious Lady Bosses who stand positioned to bring this much-needed healing to the world.
In order to get into alignment with your soul expression you have to understand who you are at soul level AND manage your mindset + energy + emotions. Because your conscious and subconscious mindset interferes with your soul expression. Your energy can flatline your business. And your emotions can bring you to your knees.

You must learn to become aware of what blocks you from your soul, and learn how to clear it and move through it in order to grow a soul-based empire.

My experience of conscious creatives is that many have been told how they do business is inappropriate and that they need to sit down, stay silent, and fit inside of someone else’s box. That causes these entrepreneurs to doubt themselves, belittle themselves, and squash their intuition.
I am here to tell you from lived experience that the biggest gift you can give yourself as a conscious creative is to remember how to trust your intuition, give yourself courage to break some rules, and do business ONLY in a way that truly works for you and is in alignment with YOU.

As a Lady Boss, you cannot grow an empire until you figure out how to align your business with your soul. You cannot grow an empire until you learn to manage your mindset + energy + emotions.