Run Your Business!

When your first client of the day arrives, how does your experience start with them?

What level of professionalism do you present your client with?

Do you focus on making a connection with her or do you focus on doing business with her?

I hope the latter was correct. If you think about this for a moment, you are running a business, and she is there to receive a service for which you are being paid. That is your core area of focus. Give her top notch service, because you are the expert.

She’s coming to you for the way that you make her look and feel. She also would love to know how to maintain and recreate what you do for her at home. Create an atmosphere thats about what she came for. Converse about her Hair, not her personal life, its ok to listen, not judge, don’t get involved. thats when it turns into more, Stay in control of your chair and time, that also helps to keep the session going and staying on time by not getting too deep with clients, you want to keep it warm, welcoming and friendly, but always keep it professional and keep it moving. Let her share with you, the likes and challenges about her hair and take the time to really listen. That is one of the biggest complaints amongst clients, they feel their stylist, doesn’t listen to them.

Take notes and put in the most memorable things about her, so the next time she returns, it will be the key thing about your visit with her that you remember. Of course you are recording everything you used doing your styling session as well. That way you can also make professional recommendations for at home care, and show her how to recreate her look using her new products. That’s also another way to increase your retail sales by making sure your client leaves with the very things she needs to make styling at home a breeze. Its a win win!

You would be surprised how many clients don’t get this very basic but important transaction when they are having salon services! Because we tend to veer off in another direction instead of staying the course and keeping the whole experience about why she came to you.

We need to be mindful to set Professional boundaries with our clients. Run your business. Your business is your business, not their business! We tend to get too personal, familiar, We become besties, therapists and practically family instead of staying The Expert and doing what we do best. Do your job. It doesn’t take away from you getting to know your client, but get your priorities in order. When we tend to blur the lines by getting too familiar, it affects your ability to run your business, On a level where you want to see growth. It screws taxes your bottom line. You begin to catch feelings and things change and you become lax in the running of your business, I.E, discounts for family and friends. Because of the blurred lines. You would never charge them full price, You are running your business off of your emotions, because they basically made you maid of honor at their wedding, instead of working that wedding, you were in it! Get where im going here? Think about this the next time your client checks in, Theres no feelings in business! Set the tone! Create the professional environment that you would like to see, close that sale! Book her next appointment! Run your business like a business or you will be out of business!

Until next time!
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