The Days Of Summer has just arrived...

With the arrival of summer and my daughter graduating from high school last week, I feel a coming of a new chapter beginning .  No more getting up early, no more lunches, integrations of schedules, making sure I remember to meet any deadlines, senior fees, parent meetings, NO MORE!  I have finally made it to the finish line.  Atleast for the next few weeks!  So what is my next plan?  I never can just be still.  Im always fascinated by my minds ability to grow and learn and find new ways to spread goodness all around me.  So for the past few months, I've been working on my newest Project.  As I am sitting here writing this, I'm thinking of all the amazing things I want to do, how to start, where and when.  Im just grasping the fact that there will never be a perfect time, you just have to do it.  Sometimes you just have to build the plane while you are flying it!


Summer Of Sensational

Our Summer of Sensation.  Ive decided what better way to to make the next six months amazing than to have an a recalibration of ourselves.  I was thinking recently about I wanted to meet other women who wanted to plan the next steps in the journey of themselves.  I for one was one of them.  Now Im here and what better time to start creating a plan to create the best you.