The Exceptional Service Experience

We spoke a couple of weeks about this very topic. Ive noticed that a lot of my sister stylists seem to have the very same thing in common with each other a lot of times. They struggle with being able to price their services for what they feel they deserve. This topic is very two fold in nature, Realizing that if you want to be paid what you feel you deserve, Clients are going to want more than satisfactory results. You will have to serve them an exceptional experience.

The Beauty Business has evolved so much, Everyone is in on this multi billion dollar industry. Gone are the days of just walking in and being able to get a shampoo, trim and style for 40 bucks! Or sitting in a traditional salon for hours that was equivalent to full day of work. Now with Real Estate Developers are getting in on our industry and creating boutique salon units that stylists and anyone in the beauty industry can use to build and grow their own individualized brand.

They are becoming more and more popular for those who want to come out from under the umbrella of larger salons , sharing their hard earned profits , working twice as hard for less money.

Someone started thinking that this industry could use an amazing shift in how the game is played. Leading to the birth of Salon Suites Allowing Stylists their own platform to display their creativity like never before. On their own time, their own terms and at their very own price points! And they were willing to take the leap for their Star to shine!

This concept though, isn’t for the faint of heart. Because even though, Salon Suites have been around for over 20 years, The debut of Social Media wasn’t! And the combination of them toppled with the power of the internet, has created a whole new way of doing business, and if you want to be that Cream of the Crop, you better deliver! Because now with the growth of our industry comes the need to be the most qualified stylist to do the job. But at the same time, it all get down to the most most simplistic action.

Clients are willing to pay for that. They seek out that more that any other aspect when looking for a stylist! They want an unforgettable experience. And now with boutique salons everywhere, there has become a buffet style of choosing from so many stylists out there, how do you rise to the top of the buffet instead of just being picked over? Delivering the most unforgettable service!

Go beyond what the others are offering, I often look at a lot of other stylists and they all start to look the same, because they all offering the same service! Even their social media, it starts to look identical! Stand out from the norm! Take your best skillsets and perfect them down to the last layer. Because no one can do that thing better than you! The service that you do the most, hint hint, is the service that you do the best!!!

Everytime a clients walks thru your door, you are the host that is about to entertain them. Your environment is your home, how would you treat a quest that came to your home? Wouldn’t you lay it all out for them? Making sure everything was company ready and you are hosting them , to make sure they enjoy your company, and the time you spend with them?

When a client graces your chair with their presence, you should be ready to give them a unique experience, every time, even if its a regular client, every visit should be exceptional, to make them remember why they chose you in the first place!

And when you remember that, toppled with enjoying what you do, it will show in your work, I promise you!and You will feel confident in charging what you feel you deserve, because you know the value you added to each experience and the client will never have a problem with paying ! Trust me. Thats what they came for! Why wouldn’t they!

So continue to utilize the tips, wisdom and all the education that Lady Boss has to share to up level your business, and cultivate your dream clientele, create your ideal client experience and put it on repeat, and then watch your business grow and expand like no other!

Until next time!
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