Your life is just waiting on you to just show up!
— Lady Boss Clique


Finally having a Aha moment!  I had finally had an official break thru of sorts.  I was doing fine, or so I thought I was, being a very prominent stylist,  for 30+ years.  I loved what I was doing.  Making women beautiful has been my passion for so many years, they have become my core existence. I've literally grownup with these women.  In so many ways.  I've lived thru them, lived with them and I have certainly lived for them.  I have truly been blessed with the most amazing life.  The good, bad, ugly and indifferent.  I became a mom on top of that, a single mom.  I decided that if I was going to learn anything, first, to become the best me,  I could be. 

Just today!  I got fed up, I couldn't think straight, me with all my perfect ways,  I wanted everything to be perfect, but it was taking to long to get that way.  So I just snapped!  I needed to put this in the air right now and pray the universe will guide those who needs to know there is someone whose been there.  Who knows and wants to mentor, share uplift and encourage others just as it has been done for me,  in so many areas of my life, I want to come from a place of authenticity, and grow a community of like women!  There! I'm on a roll! I've made my mind up! and Im not changing it!


Welcome To Lady Boss Clique.  A Membership Only Collective Created For The Innovative Lady Bosses Who Truly Desire To Uplevel Their Lives And Business.


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Wherever your spirit needs to be fed, My passion has always been for the beautifying of women.  Inside as well as out, Beauty from a Soul Level. My goal is to create a haven for women to become empowered to fulfill their destinies Emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally and Financially.  To Attract and Manifest an Amazing life, by getting clear on who you are and what you want and what your deepest desires are and how to obtain them.  And then how to keep them!  But it all has to start with YOU.